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Harlesden Heights

Agent rating: 1 out of 5.0 based on 2 ratings. This website contains 1 user reviews of Harlesden Heights.

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Harlesden Heights

70 Park Parade
Brent Park
Greater London
NW10 4JB

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Telephone: 020 8838 2300
Fax: 020 8838 1301

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This firm is ranked 13685 out of 14309 in the UK

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1.00 out of 5.00

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This branch is also ranked:

35 out of 39
in the NW10 League Tables
4093 out of 4360
in the London League Tables
23749 out of 25095
in the UK

Agent Information

We are specialists in Sales and Lettings with all types of property within the London Area.

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Customer Reviews

  1. A 1 -star review by ''

    70 Park Parade (Brent Park) (London) (Greater London)
    Sales (Prospective customer)
    Staff Member
    No staff selected.
    Would you use the agent again? No

    I was really unhappy with the service. I put in an offer for a property and did not hear anything back from the agent. I had to call him, when calling he said that he had 'tried' to call. Once I had another offer in, again I waited over a day, before I called AGAIN, this time with the excuse 'I was just about to call you'. Third time, last offer, I put through and haven't heard back, it has been over a day and haven't heard any response. I have decided not to pursue this further as I am fed up of the lack of communication. It is not the buyer who should be chasing up the Agent.

    What could Harlesden Heights do to change your mind??

    “Better Communication. Buyers and Vendors want an update and not be left in the lurch.”

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  2. A 1 -star review by ''

    70 Park Parade (Brent Park) (London) (Greater London)
    Lettings (Prospective customer)
    Staff Member
    No staff selected.
    No postcode selected.
    Would you use the agent again? No

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