Featured Reviews

Featured Reviews

Ffeatured reviews

allAgents has designed a platform for YOU the consumer to write about your property experiences with your agent (both good or bad). However, with new ratings being added every day, your review is not going to be the first to be read for long.

Now you can now take reviewing a stage further and feature your reviews for all to see. Feature a review and it will stay at the top of the agents review list for as long as you choose.

So if your agent did a great job, then thank them by featuring it for them. Equally if you were not happy, then let everyone know for that bit longer!

You do not have to be the person who wrote the review or is mentioned in it, anyone with a PayPal account, INCLUDING the agent can feature a review. You can have up to five(5) featured reviews at any one time. All you need to do is follow our simple instructions.

Step one

Go to the page where the first review you want to sponsor can be viewed.
Next click on the red 'Featrure This Review' button.

Step 2

On the next page select the sponsorship package relating to the length of time you want.
Select the blue 'click to feature' button.


At this time the payment settlement option is through PayPal and you do need a Paypal account to complete the checkout process.
If you have a credit or debit card you can pay online.
Follow the instructions on all windows and you will receive a confirmation email.

View Sponsored Review

Normally the review will move to sponsored status on the same day but certainly within 24 hours.

Up to 5 Reviews

You can sponsor up to 5 reviews at any one time.
Select the next and further reviews to sponsor and repeat Step One.

Sponsored Review Manager

To provide you with the best flexibility of the reviews you want to show we offer you your own Sponsored Review Manager.

Here you can change the reviews and manage the order in which they appear.

This is a great opportunity to show what customers think of you not just today but over a long period of time. So get started today.

If you have any questions please use our contact form or email featured-reviews@allagents.co.uk