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Clarke Holland

Agent rating: 1 out of 5.0 based on 2 ratings. This website contains 2 user reviews of Clarke Holland.

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Customer Reviews

  1. A 1 -star review by ''

    7 Laburnum Terrace (Ashington) (Ashington) (Northumberland)
    Lettings (as a Landlord)
    Staff Member
    No staff selected.
    ne 6
    Would you use the agent again? No

    After getting a prospective tenant I was told on three different occasions they would let me know what progress was being made, I never received a call so told them to take down there to let notice. After about two weeks I got a call saying the lady definitely wanted to rent my flat and what would I like to do, I said ok she can rent it, upon which I was told she was going on holiday for a week and they would get the ball rolling the day after she got back, that was eight days ago, after getting no phone call after six days I called into there office again to find out what was happening only to be told once again they would get in touch with her and let me know. After waiting again for to days without a phone call I called into the office again only to be told this time that she went home because of family troubles. I have told them not to bother any more and they would not give me a phone number to contact the owner or director. This has been the most disgusting and least professional business I have ever encountered.

    What could Clarke Holland do to change your mind??

    “They could of had the decency to phone me after telling me they would.”

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  2. View All Comments (2)by Clarke Holland  28/11/2014

    Hello Joseph We are sorry that you feel that you did not get the service that expected we always try to do our best to exceed expectation. We both know why you tried to withdraw the property as the previous applicant we sent rang in to our office to say that you had 'made a deal with him' Mr E M who holidayed in the same country you do (for your recollection) The lady we had was a Romanian nurse working at Wansbeck General who we had as a tenant at that time and her holiday was to return home but found her father was a lot worse than she was told and had only months to live, she... (read more)
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    A 1 -star review by ''

    6 Dean Street (Newcastle) (Tyne & Wear)
    Lettings (as a Tenant)
    Staff Member
    No staff selected.
    Would you use the agent again? No

    This is a case that happened to me and my husband in November 2013. We filled in both application forms and paid the admin fee for a flat in October and been told that the current tenant in this flat will move out in 22 November, then we can move in around 25 November. Then during November, we received a few calls from Live Smart Home about completing our references and contract, and told us we need to do the application form online with them again. However apart from this, we never received any more information about the proceed of our moving in date. Therefore, I tried to call Clarke... (read more)

    What could Clarke Holland do to change your mind??

    “Be Responsible for your customers and be Professional in your job. That\'s what they need to improve.”

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